Alternate Earth Campaign

A Fungus Among Us? . . . Not Any More!


So the party came together and drifted apart then joined one final time to destroy Zuggtmoy!

After discovering from the goblin shaman that there was a ‘bone face’ wizard (or several of them) agitating local goblin tribes, the party headed into the village of Hommlett to meet contacts and rest up. They learned, variously that the OCD White One had headed down the road to a slighted keep, called the Moathouse, whichwas the last place that Prince Thrommel and the Lady Tillahi were ever seen alive.

The party headed that way, and found the roasted corpses of several giant frogs along the path.
Aerindor’s hound, Fane, began tracking down a path around to the east of the keep, and the party discovered a secret entrance to the main tower. The entrance led both into the main tower and down deeper into the Donjon. They burst into the tower and quickly dispatched the bandits lairing there. After some little extra searching, they headed down a staircase into the bowels. Immediately the Donjon tried to digest Agarius as green slime dropped on him from above. the first glob missed him, but he jumped right into the path of the second one. Sir Sebastian cured the disease before the veteran turned into a puddle of green goo.

The Paladin and the Priestess then destroyed a dozen zombies with their divine power. The party then found a trail leading to a secret door in a pillar with a rusty ladder leading below. Lucius began having past life flashbacks and the party withdrew after further destroying 4 ghouls in the catacombs.

They took another tack and found a hideous ogre who was quickly downed – Aerindor’s bolt of lightning ultimately electrocuting the brute. They then discovered two human merchants and a gnome who were kept as prisoners in the ogre’s larder. The gnome gave Aerindor a ring proclaiming him a ‘gnome friend’ and the Merchants promised rewards. A short time later, the party encountered some gnolls and haggled with them to get directions to the ‘master’ in exchange for 4 platinum coins.

The party broke into the master’s chambers and Lykaeus launched a hellish conflagration into the barracks room. A score of voices screamed in agonizing pain as they died. One soldier was miraculously uninjured, but quickly dispatched. Further into the room they could hear someone pounding on a door, calling in a pain-choked voice for the master to come aid him. The party headed in and Agarius recognized the burned man as a fellow soldier from the 83rd legion. The veterans began talking when the door burst open and a white robed wizard threw a ball of flame into the room, causing some injury amongst the party. They retaliated. The white robed one was quickly killed, and the master was held by magic, until Aerindor punctured his throat with his golden spear.

Searching the bodies, they discovered that the white wizard had some horrible demonic face grafted to his chest.

The party decided to quickly rest in the Master’s chambers and press on the the true temple, led by Sir Bertran.

Fane was apparently agitated by a murder of crows flying over the ruins of a tower on the Northeast wall but the party went straight into the cathedral itself.
Inside, they explored several possible entrances, including a giant staircase sealed by silver chained, bronze clad doors. As the party was investigating a pit that seemed to drop more than a hundred feet down, they noticed that Sir Bertran was heading to the doors, with his great war-axe in his hand. He cut through the doors as if they were rotten wood and headed to the twin doors at the front of the cathedral. behind him the party could see huge earth elementals clustered around a small ziggurat. Lykaeus dropped a pair of fireballs into the room, destroying two of the creatures. The survivors dis not pursue. The party realized that Sir Bertran’s actions were not of his own volition and they used their magic to remove a mystical belt that he wore. After much struggling, they discovered that the belt was possessed by demonic forces which the Priestess was able to exorcise.

Finally assuring themselves that Sir Bertran could not again be possessed, they returned his belt, but in the original chaos, Agarius threw the war-axe down the well. The party resolved to head into the well to get it and found that there was a huge room devoted to the ‘evil’ aspect of the element of air, with a strange, giant bronze cube suspended in the middle of the room. The party pondered this for a few moments, then headed further into the temple. Sir Sebastian led the way, searching for the greatest concentrations of evil, and the part came to another of the sealed doors. Sir Bertran felt no compulsion, but the party resolved to sunder the door anyway, reasoning that the horrible evil the Paladin sensed beyond it was the target of their searches.

Inside, after some vile sculptures of fungi, they found a hideous old crone. She was selling, but they weren’t buying. Turns out she was Zuggtmoy, Demon Lady of Fungi . . .
Their first attacks did nothing, but Sister Adriel began channeling divine power so that the rest of the party could harm harm the Demon Queen. Their spells were still ineffective, but they began cutting into her viciously, sending bits and pieced of fungus around the room . . . in less that 30 seconds, it was over. Zuggtmoy had been fed to a cuisinart . . .




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