Alternate Earth Campaign

Ambushed by Goblins!

Speculatorus Secundus Lucius Amicus was correct to mistrust this barn/shack. After rather thorough efforts to patrol and fortify the area (particularly considering the rotten weather) the party finally bedded down for the night. When Lykaeus (bitching the whole time about his rheumatism) and Titus Agarius were on watch, inexplicably the veteran dozed off and the old man might have too if not for his incessant bitching . . . in fact that might be what saved them all. Lykaeus looked to Titus for some affirmation only to find him sound asleep . . . and dashing past the sleeping sentry were a bunch of stealthy little humanoids with evil, thirsty looking blades.’

Lykaeus was a bit befuddled but then Aerindor’s dog Faine (Sp?)started barking and Aerindor jumped straight to his feet. The others were roused as well and goblins began to fall in droves.

Outside, Lykaeus was shouting in some strange language, right before a bunch of crossbow bolts peppered the 4.5 foot half wall right next to him. Aerindor came out and scanned intently for the source of the bolts (the ruined house), then Agarius and Sir Bertran rushed the ruins and inexplicably found six goblins fast asleep on the ground. Sir Bertran finished off 5 of them and dragged the sixth, some sort of shaman by the look of him, back into the barn. Agarius took a pair of the crossbows and Lucius took another. The rest were burned.

Agarius went down into the recently discovered secret room below the fire pit and shot a few flaming arrows into the little tunnel down there. He ultimately determined that the tunnel ran to the large stump in the field to the north.

Up top, Aerindor had discovered the frozen, shattered bodies of two goblins, and a bit beyond them, the frozen corpses of three bugbears. Agarius had also heard what sounded like troops marching away. back in the barn, the sleeping prisoner started convulsing and thrashing . . .



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