Alternate Earth Campaign

Battle for Bral: Part 2

You pause for another moment in the Battle of Bral. Lord Mrajdon is out of the fight, having been trapped by Percy, Sigrdis and Donar in Asgard.

Percy, after disengaging from the two red-winged women, is riding down a bone-masked figure (sporting the inverted Omega symbol of the Cult of Ouranos) upon his nightmare. Vonvaka is sailing around on Blood Wing having fled Lord Mrajdon’s wrath.

Sigrdis, who fought her way through dozens of Mrajdon’s soldiers to rescue her captured comrades is now reeling from her wounds, leaking red gold blood in the aftermath of the Tyrrany’s barrage. One of her companions was killed in the assault, the other is also grievously wounded as the ship burns at the pier. At the docks, on the base of the hill, the mass of the Aesir war band is bunching up. They are beset from multiple angles by small units of Zomnite soldiers, while yet more help their formation of crossbow bolts from above. More companies of Zomnites, accompanied by soldiers in the delivery of Prince Andru marching towards the dock’s.

Aodh is scrambling, trying to avoid the fire of multiple hell bolters from the flagship that have wounded him viciously. The Tyranny is itself quite wounded by Aodh’s counter fire from the Fiachian Fire Lance.

Remnants of destroyed automatons tumble out from the fire and smoke belching out of the open bay in the belly of the Tyranny, while yet more smoke trails from the aft section of the ship. In the distance multiple ships begin maneuvering towards the fighting, including two cruisers that appear to be of the same class as the Dagger of Zom.



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