Alternate Earth Campaign

Fleeing the Hulk

The party used its rest in the ancient engineering spaces to advantage. Not only did they heal themselves and Vonvaka’s soldiers, they also gained the services of two space marine wights with the aid of Percy’s necromantic skills. Vonvaka’s visions showed him that the critical moment was fast approaching and would soon pass them by if they took no action… So they dashed down the hall to the great shaft of the power core, rushing through the door to find themselves atop a large platform 60 feet above a blanket of mist, and quite far from their enemies. Vonvaka made the leap easily and Tharivul gathered up Percy and flew him across the divide on his wings and shadow.

Arrayed against them were several squads of soldiers, not quite human in appearance. In fact they seemed reminiscent of some of these sub humans that the Ealiiri had encountered in the Lost City beneath Mount Atlas. They were further supported by three strange undead creatures lousy with eldritch energy. Commanding them all were three Eternals: Mr. Graves, the same Lich Vonvaka, Percy and Tharivul had fought on the shattered remains of the Dagger of Zom. But here he deferred to Mr. Book, his elder and Mr. Brooks guardian, Sir Auriahc.

With some foresight, Percy had consumed the necrotic energies of many of the corpses in their bivouac, filling himself beyond capacity and to great physical and mental strain. But now he released that power and all other energies together – from staff and body and soul. Surprised, Mr. Book’s own energies were overcome by the briefest of margins. Potentates throughout the room felt the tremendous expenditure of power though the specific cause was unknown. Thus Mr. Graves and Sir Auriahc were unaware that Mr. Book was now under Percy’s control. Though Percy and self was so trained was barely conscious. Yet his soul brother Vonvaka is able to share the link note that the mind of the thousand-year-old Lich.
Yet even so, the assaults nearly failed. Sir Auriahc unleashed a potent sorcery leaving the entry platform in bathed hellfire. All of Vonvaka’s followers were felled by the blast yet one wight remained standing. Eager to serve its new master to the fullest, the wight pulled two unconscious survivors to safety then return to the fray lashing undead warlocks with automatic weapons fire.

With none the wiser, Mr. Book altered the Hulk’s course –soon to be irrevocable – away from its collision with the Elven planet. Vonvaka, concerned with the fate of his followers was unprepared for a volley of eldritch energy from the undead warlocks. One caught him full in the chest and flung him into the mist below. His descent was cut short by grasping tentacles from a disgusting giant worm – again not unlike that discovered in the ruined city beneath Mount Atlas. Barely visible in the witch light below, a swarm of these giant slug like creatures huddled close to the power core for warmth and sustenance.

Undeterred, Vonvaka simply faded into mist floating backup amongst his enemies. The Zomnites were unaware of the predator wafting through their midst, still unaware that their leader dominated Percy. Fancy flying and spell work From Tharivul Percy from the clutches of Sir Auriahc and his soldiers.

As Mr. Graves directed his soldiers to search more vigorously for the elusive Tharivul, Vonvaka materialized behind him. Leaping into the air and projecting all of his power and the fear he and his fists down onto the unsuspecting had of Mr. Graves, Vonvaka the Destroyer smashing the lich to dust. It was then that Percy muttered something that he discovered in the Black Book about Liches finding their souls into phylacteries so that even if their physical bodies were destroyed they could be reborn wherever there phylacteries resided. Mr. Book revealed that Lord Mrajdon and processed phylacteries these three and two other Eternals, and he had left for Bral five days ago.

The party determined they had no more to gain from the combat here fled quickly through the halls of the space hulk. They were only hampered slightly by desultory pursuit of the kruthians, eventually finding the Phoenix lashed to the exterior hull like a limpet. As Captain Jaque ordered the lines cut the Hulk dashed past, as -even with Prometheus at the helm – it could only maintain a speed of about 200 mph in the gravity well of the Hulk. The Hulk’s acceleration over eight hours far exceeded that and it soon disappeared into the astral sea.
Shortly thereafter two vessels of the IEF dropped down to tactial speed and moved to link up with the Phoenix. They inform you that the Admiral, frustrated at not finding Mrajdon’s squadron ordered the bulk of her squadron back to their outpost above Arborea. The Bralian Squadron was badly handled by the Zomnite’s fixed defenses on the Hulk and was limping back to Bral. The Admiral dispatched these two ship to see if they could aid you in any way, especially since the Hulk was heading towards IEF Space.



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