Alternate Earth Campaign

Leaving the Fallen Henning

The party fled the henning as it collapsed into the Nentir River. Over half of the hill had fallen, but some of the internal structures still looked to be intact. Several sidhe and Romans were still inside when it crashed down.

The soldiers and sailors had portaged the boats around the hill onto the eastern shore of the river about a half mile north of the tower. The party headed towards the vessels to continue their journey. Looking back at the wreckage, several large figures could be seen fleeing the remainder of the henning to the east. shortly there after another figure pulled itself from teh wreckage of the tower and began trudging northward.

The green crystal at the center of the tower shattered and there was a great flash of light. When vision returned, the party could see that some of the hill remained more or less intact, but that there was a large crater quickly filling with water. On the eastern shore, a figure picked itself up out of the mud and continued to trudge northward, towards the boats.



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