Alternate Earth Campaign

Meeting Mrajdon


You spent the last seven days sailing the astral sea in company with the Dagger of Zom, and her squadron. The Dagger, an up-armed squidship, captained by Danric Bloodfist, has kept you under her guns for the entire voyage, with hostages exchanged between the ships. Cpt. Bloodfist said the fore mount is called a Hell-bolter, four metal tubes opening through the mouths of screaming skulls, linked by a shield plate and mounted on a swiveling pedestal. The aft mount is much larger, consisting of only two tubes of triple the length and quadruple the bore, called a hell-cannon. You are unsure how effective these weapons would be . . . but they evidently run on people. The rest of the armament is more mundane, 4 dual heavy ballistae, two per broadside.

You finally arrive at the putative pirate base. It is an enormous metal monstrosity of some sort of gothic construction that looks like it might have collided with an asteroid or two.
The Dagger leads you to the far side where several cavernous docking bays are open to the sea. Another, previously closed, bay screeches open revealing the Tyranny, Lord Mrajdon’s Flagship, docked inside. The brutish Mammoth ship bristles with guns, 6 quad hell-bolters, 2 dual hell-lances, and 6 dual hell-cannon.

Your ship settles into the bay where it is clutched in heavy docking clamps. Several of the guns on the Tyranny are trained onto your ship. Some are trained on the heavy doors leading from the bay further into the metal monstrosity. Dozens of heavily armed troops are in the bay, moving about their tasks or standing sentry near the doors.

You are ushered through the bay, up a large ramp, through heavy cargo doors into the belly of the mammoth. Inside are ranks of animate armor backed by a half dozen larger constructs. You are sent up a ladder to the captain’s Quarters where you find the Lord Mrajdon on a sort of throne consulting with two winged women in ornate black plate, and three masked, black clad figures towards the middle of the room.
Along the flanks are eight sentries in plate who all look at you as you enter. Mrajdon, a hulking figure clad in heavy red robes over burnished steel plate, turns his helmeted head to your delegation.

“So. You wish to join me?”



Meeting Mrajdon

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