Alternate Earth Campaign

Meeting the Pirates . . . in SPACE!

Or: "So they are THOSE kind of pirates"

We boosted the economy of Bral by stocking and upgrading the Phoenix with some of its finest, most expensive wares. Our 1 catapult / 1 ballista, lumbering pleasure yacht is now a superfast, 25 ballista / 2 catapult battlecruiser painted matte black and ready to wack… enemies. In the face. With ballista bolts. In the face…o

In addition, we’ve hired on a mercenary crew of Giff with big guns and appetites to match. Plus, Prometus, a weird wizard looking for his god in space, hired on as a crewman. He’s pretty creepy though, so I suggest watching him.

Aodh went to the local Temple of Odin, where he was welcomed by a bunch of hard drinking Aesiir. They reminded him of his missing friend Donar. He requested a Divination to ask about getting in the Pirate Leader Mrajdon’s, good graces, thinking there’s no way these are THOSE kind of pirates and maybe they are peeps we can work with. Odin told him to have the Phoenix strike her colors and offer to join the pirates when they engaged. We then had to buy a flag for the Phoenix so we could strike it at just the right time.

Turns out, just the right time came along quickly. Pirates tried to ambush the ship, but they paid in blood (and burn scars) for their mistake. We pulled down our flag and offered to join. After some negotiation, the captain of the Dagger of Zom, Danric Bloodfist, agreed to take us to the Commodore, Lord Mrajdon, for recruitment.

On the way to the commodore, Aodh changed the pirate’s First Officer into a dog and then mind controlled him permanently. After changing him back into a human, the druid found out that the fancy guns on the pirate ship are fueled by people. Tharivul, on the pirate ship, sneaked into the super-secret-area beneath the fancy guns, and confirmed what Aodh discovered independently, ’It’s people! The guns are made of people! They’re making guns out of people! Next thing, they’ll be breeding us for little baby guns! You’ve gotta tell them! You’ve gotta TELL them!" is what Tharivul wanted to say, but discretion was necessary.
As it turns out, they are so THOSE kind of pirates.

Finally, we’ve reached Notamoon Station and are being brought to meet the Pirate King.



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