Alternate Earth Campaign

Onto the Justice

Summoned by the Commodore

Onto the Justice:
You approach stern castle of the Justice, having been sent a letter by Commodore the Lady Daeriah, Aspirant of House Palfaen, of the Ealiir Fleet Ship Justice, Ealiiri Principalities of Atlantis, requesting your presence. Actually it seemed to be worded more like a command… And here you are. The second officer greets you, “the Commodore expects you, and she directed that you be sent in immediately.”

You are ushered into the enormous stern cabin of the EFS justice, where two humans are each flanked by a pair of marines. Commodore Daeriah leans back against a large, ornate table. Kheldar, Commodore Daeriah’s chief lieutenant, and aspirant to house Fiach stands menacingly near the better dressed of the Khalamdeans.

The Commodore looks up as you approach “Ah, Thank you for coming so swiftly. I’ll be with you shortly.” She turns her attention back to the better dressed Khalamdean. He wears a finely tooled leather fighting jacket, with two pistols, rapier and main gauche belted to his waist. His long hair is drawn back and tied with a black ribbon. He wears four earrings in his left ear and three in his right. His expression is a study of conflict: arrogant uncertainty.

“So Ser Jared,” the commodore resumes “you are the Block Captain responsible for the security of the block where the” she consults a document on the table behind her “Lusty Mermaid is located, correct.”

“That is correct.”

“And your search for my missing crew has turned up no leads?”

“As you know my lady, you have not . . .”

“No leads correct?”

“My Lady you have not . . .”

“Silence! I will not tolerate any more of your vacillating!”

“My Lady . . .” the Block Captain is silenced by Kheldar’s fist in his gut.

The Commodore turns her attention to the other Khalamdean, who appears quite shocked at the treatment of the Block Captain. “Master Balnian,” she steps away from the table towards Balnian, “you have the opportunity now to rectify Ser Jared’s malfeasance.”

“I . . .”

“Ser Jared has no leads because he has conducted no investigation, because I have refused to bribe him. He is charged with the security and safety of this entire block, and he has failed in his duty. A number of my crew have disappeared from this block, at least three of which have disappeared from your establishment. As such he has abrogated his duty as an officer of the peace and has proven that the rule of law does not function here.” She turns and nods to Kheldar now standing behind the wheezing Ser Jared.

Kheldar smoothly yanks the smaller man erect by his hair, then drives a long dagger into the joint of neck and shoulder, straight to his heart. He jerks for a moment, then sags bonelessly, held upright only by Kheldar’s implacable grip.

“I understand that a Block Captain is a man of some authority here, so believe me when I tell you that if you do not cooperate fully with my investigation, you will not fare so well.” Red blood dribbles to the floor beneath the suspended Block Captain as yellow urine stains the floor beneath a white faced Balnian.

“Is that clear?”

“ye. . . yes Milady.”

“Good. Kheldar, tie that to a stake at the end of the pier. Then conduct Master Balnian back to his establishment and begin your investigation.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Mhet, my compliments to Lieutenant Brandeis and tell him to carry out his orders.” An imp of light and smoke appears beside her and bobs its head, disappearing again is a puff of smoke.

“Tohs, Fal clean this mess up.” Two more imps appear in a cloud of steam then grumbling – quietly – begin to work on the blood and urine.

She turns to you “So as the senior Ealiiri present it seems to me . . .”

“Sail!” comes an excited shout from on deck “Three Sail! Ealiiri vessels!”

“Well, perhaps this will wait . . .”

On deck you see three Ealirri vessels sailing gracefully into the harbor. The Maedon’s Pride is accompanied by two other vessels. A much smaller vessel that looks familiar . . . suddenly you realize that is the Verity, the exploration vessel that your old teacher Lord Tolurin that his wards Laicath and Lithot left on. The larger vessel flies the flag of the house of Illimar and the personal standard of Lord Laighos, the Illimari Captain who defeated Lord Xarot in the Kinslayer wars.

You re all summoned aboard the Glory, the flagship of Lord Laighos. The Glory is substantially larger than the expedition ships like the Unicorn and the Justice. Its troops are well equipped in Golden arms and armor. All of them have at least one thunder Lance. Its officers are accoutered with White arms. The ship boasts multiple heavy sun lance engines and several personal sun lances are in evidence at well.

You learn, in the great cabin, that three of Laighos’s grandchildren were on the Pride of Illimar when it was destroyed. He and his daughters, their mothers, defied the Ailarri Council and mustered their own household troops to run the south channel themselves. They had several engagements with the Kraken and drove it off with the overwhelming weight of sunlance fire. Laighos and his daughters, Belena and Sulis fairly glow with unspent rage.

Laighos approves of Daeriah’s plans and then turns his attention to you. “You are officers of the Unicorn are you not? Where is your vessel? I did not see it in the harbor? And what of Captain El? Lord Manaen said he thought he saw the Unicorn come to the aid of the Honor? And why were you sailing so far behind? You wanted them to take the brunt of the Kraken’s Fury?!” Laighos had risen from his seat, looming over the tallest of you, golden light spilling from his eyes, menace from his mouth.

“Calmly Laighos.” You had not even noticed Lord Tolurin enter the cabin. “These young ones are not under your orders, nor was this expedition their idea. I am sure Captain El will be along shortly with the Unicorn, but for now I have a need to speak with these young officers.”

Laighos, a living legend to so many Ealiiri, a hero of the Kinslayer wars, visibly deflates before the measured admonition of Lord Tolurin, one of the very few Second Generation Ealiiri still active at all. “Yes of Course my lord. As you say. Perhaps we will speak later. You are dismissed.”

“Come my friends, let us discuss this marvelous new vessel of yours . . .”



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