Alternate Earth Campaign

out in the rain

The Innkeeper from the last village you passed through told you that the rains in this area had been unseasonably heavy, and that travelers say two of the three roads into Hommlett had been closed by flash floods and rock slides. He certainly wasn’t wrong about the rain, you think as you huddle tighter in your cloak, trying to ignore the rain battering your face. Visibility is very poor. He also told to that if things got bad – like now – there was an old three-sided barn a little more than halfway to the village where you could find shelter. You think that might be it up ahead. The innkeeper also warned you that in the worst of the rains travelers have been known to go missing. Bandits probably. But it would have to be brave or desperate men to attack a large band of armed folks such as yourselves: Two knights and their squires, a militant priestess and a northern barbarian joined by a Roman inquisitor, a veteran of the legions and a doddering old scholar with a scathing tongue (well he might not be much use).

Sure enough, the barn is right where the innkeeper said it would be. It isn’t much. The front only enclosed by a partial half wall and a dilapidated gate, leaving nearly 6 feet of open air between it and the oddly sloped roof. At least the unpleasant opening isn’t facing directly into the wind and rain. The old, grayed wood is somewhat disheartening but the charred skeleton the old farmhouse across the lane is worse. Oddly the center of the floor of the barn is old dressed stone. And travelers before you had clearly used it to set up their fire pit; there was even some stored wood would next to the ash-filled ring of stones in the middle of the barn.

Time to get some heat into these old chilled bones …



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