Alternate Earth Campaign

Privateers! in SPAAAACE!

or something like that . . .

We went for a walk to our ship with Tolurin and his wards (grandchildren?) – Laicath and Lithot. Percy saw Tolurin as an instructor and sought to learn from him, much to Tolurin’s pleasure since his former students (i.e., the rest of the party) are C students at best (his words, not mine, ha). Meanwhile Thaurvil decided to cast Mage Hand to either magically cop-a-feel with both twins and Tolurin OR verify their identities. When that didn’t work (for semi-obvious reasons) Laicath – who is a warrior and past comrade of you all – revealed his knowledge of your past misadventures – verified their identities to Thaurvil’s satisfaction.

Upon inspection of the Hammership, Pheonix, Tolurin revealed his ignorance of how the ship operates but also his wish to learn more. Apparently its effects are similar to crystals that can be found in Atlantis but those Atlantean crystals lose power as they get further away from the island/city. In return for inspecting the ship, Percy requested that Tolurin teach him to scry, upon which he immediately sought for his long-lost wife. To his amazement, he found her (or what looks to be her) – a thrall of some Illithids in what looks like an Illithid cantina (insert Kirk screaming picture).
With both the good news that his wife is alive and the bad news of her captors, Tharuvil suggested we take the Hammerhead back to Aqaa in order to hunt some more Illithids, with the agreement that we bring any captives or equipment back to Tolurin – with the hope that ‘Spelljamming’ technology might one day help Atlanteans make travel from their home become routine.


On our way to Aqaa we dropped out of warp, I mean spelljamming, based on our proximity to another ship. We feared and imminent attack and took the best precautions we could think of – we also realized we have a dysfunctional crew in that no one knew what to do. To correct this problem, Tharvil declared himself captain and Percy could not assail the logic of ‘I called it first!’

We eventually found the reason for our ‘hyperdrive malfunction’ – a derelict ship! We boarded it and found it to be a tradesman ship called ‘The Wayfarer’. Upon inspection of the ship, and communing with the dead captain and a dead pirate, we discovered that the ship was sailing from some place called Toril to some place called Bral. The ship, its crew, and its contents, were victims of the Pirate Captain Mrajdon. Following the code of good Spelljammers, we towed the ship to our new destination the Rock of Bral – an asteroid city.

Unfortunately, upon reaching Bral, we realized that the previous owner of the Hammership was the cousin of the Prince and de-factor ruler of Bral – a devious autocrat named Andru. Upon interrogation, and to Tharuvil’s chagrin, Percy revealed the general truth of our past adventures to Andru. The prince offered a pardon, and to recognize our ownership of the Hammerhead, if we were to deal a blow to Mrajdon and his pirate crew. Our other option was the stockade. Opting for the better part of valor, we have accepted this commission and are now privateers for Bral (meaning that we must split our future captures 50/50 with the Prince). However, the derelict ‘Wayfarer’ is ours to do with as we will.

To insure our adherence to this new relationship, a Lieutenant Rodgers has been assigned to us. However, Rodgers doesn’t seem thrilled with the assignment, the chance of our mission success, or the Prince in general. We now are seeking to restock/prepare for this quest. It was suggested that we seek out the Merkane for this purpose – in that they are a species that has the best tech.



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