Alternate Earth Campaign

Shuffling the Princesses

Rescuing the Princess Arellia

Aodh and Tharivul with help from Athena, rescued Princess Arellia. Initially abandoned by Vonvaka and Percy, Tharivul nevertheless alighted upon the roof of the safe house by himself. He was shocked to discover how easily his Druthgari saber cut through mortal flesh, leaving the three sentries dismembered. Tharivul’s attack was so sudden that the sentries had no time to raise the alarm. Tharivul then proceeded into the building sneaking about, avoiding other guards and discovering an argument between what appeared to be a masked human woman and masked Praeloryte Warlock. The human appeared to be giving the warlock orders. Tharivul attempted to sneak further downstairs but was scared off by a trio of large black hounds glowing red eyes and mouths. Their barking summoned the warlock and sentries.

Tharivul quickly hid himself above the arched doorway. After several sentries were burned to death by the hounds warlock went down to calm them. Tharivul quickly retired back to the roof where he was shortly joined by Aodh in the form of the great eagle, carrying Athena on his back. The Ealiir chose to assault the warlock and his mistress through the window into his chambers. Athena agreed to join the assault. Tharivul’s attack on the warlock was turned by his superior skill, though Aodh was able to seriously the warlock with Wave. They also discovered that the masked woman was merely a magical projection. The warlock’s counterattack savagely wounded Aodh but he drew upon his eldritch power to remain conscious. At the same time the Warlock unleashed bolts of eldritch energy towards Tharivul who had attempted to hide behind the bed, causing him some injury.

At this point Athena rushed into the room having smashed a guard through wall with her shield, she then cast her spear with exquisite form, piercing the warlock and impaling him and the stone wall. Tharivul and Aodh took a moment to recover, as Tharivul looted the room, then, after being healed by Athena, they continued to search for the Princess while the goddess interrogated her prisoner.

Downstairs, they cut the hell hounds to ribbons and met little resistance until they discovered the Princess held by a cult leader with a knife to her throat. Four thugs attempted to block their advance. The cult leader babbled in Ba’alic while Aodh chanted a spell, paralyzing the leader and staying his hand. Tharivul flew over the heads of the thugs, killing a few. The cult leader was quickly disarmed, and the Princess freed. When she was given the cult leader’s knife, she turned it on him to bloody effect.

One cult thug surrendered, and Aodh turned him into a draft horse to carry the chest of silver and copper, and box of gold that Tharivul had discovered. The horse was ordered to take the treasure to the palace and await them there or he would never return to his natural form.

Upstairs, Athena apprised them of the results of her interrogation, and some ancient Olympian history. They discovered that the prisoner was a Warlock of Praelis, the original praeloryte. The Warlocks of Praelis are high-level servants and enforcers for the Cult of Ouranos. His maser here in the city is a woman. He did not reveal a name. The cult of Ouranos is dedicated to releasing the primordial, Ouranos, Athena’s Grandfather from his prison the Vault of Heaven, which is the Isle of Atlas. Ouranos, seeking revenge against Kronos and the rest of the Titans for his castration, subjected himself to the will of the Malevolence became its avatar, the Destroyer. The Titans were hard pressed to defeat the Destroyer but finally succeeded and sealed it in the Boil, the remains of which are in the Stump, the great plateau to the south. They then sheared off the top of the Boil and transported it to the embrace of Oceanus. Euenor, a son of Gaia, was named king and high guardian of the island. Later, Poseidon fathered 10 kings of Atlantis with Kleito, Euenor’s daughter. These were the Cyclopean Fomors, Atlas and his brothers.

Getting Arellia Elected

After their little history lesson, Tharivul and Aodh, escorted Princess Arellia back to the palace. There, they discovered that deliberations were already underway to establish a new Regency Council for Princess Laria. Aodh and Tharivul were nonplussed to discover that the vizier had not arrested Princess Laria they directed. But, as the vizier explained again, he was devoid of authority to act without an order from the viceroy or a properly designated Regent, which he did not have.

In any event, Princess Arellia’s return disrupted the proceedings. After some wheeling and dealing Aodh and Tharivul arranged for the Lord Ming to the Chancellor’s position and for Lord Thoth to choose the successor to Lord Obdurim. With further support from the Halamyrian, Gwaerohg and Taniel exercising Xarot’s Vote, Lord Kolriar’s faction could not stop the appointment.

As Lord Ming, the Vizier and the rest of the Sorcerer Lords began the ritual ceremony, dozens of imps rushed through the door and were set upon by scores that had been waiting invisibly in the rafters above. During the commotion Tharivul noticed that Princess Laria was missing. Aodh and Tharivul searched frantically for the missing Princess, even calling upon Aodh’s mentor. Eventually they discovered that she had stepped out an open window feather falling to the ground below and reentered the palace, apparently heading down the passage to the kriodaimone vault. They pursued, along with Athena for one last jaunt.

Pursuing Princess Laria

They pursued the Princess as quickly as they could, but the tightly turning spiral staircase prevented them from gaining significant ground. Eventually they came out into the vault with the four kriodaimones still locked in their frozen prisons. Ahead from the Dragon’s cave they heard ominous crunching noises. Apparently, Princess Laria’s co-conspirators forgot to mention the fact that a Dragon laired below. The Ealiir shortly resolved to end the beast. Aodh immediately tried to bond with the great cystal in the chamber. Tharivul launched a pair of blasts from his moon Lance into the Dragon’s face then took cover in the vault. The Beast lashed out at Aodh was savagely wounded by Athena then finished by two blows from Wave that it was impotent to overcome.

Aodh took the remains of the princess upstairs to her sister and called upon the powers of nature to reincarnate her as a half-elven woman. Athena informed them that she needed to take her leave, as her father was already likely to be very unhappy. She asked them to keep a lookout for more actions by the cultists and also her missing cousin Prometheus. Finally she left them with a gift to communicate their findings with her, a bronze figurine of an owl.

Speaking with the Halamyrian

Percy’s Investigations into Lord Kolriar



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