Alternate Earth Campaign

The Ingratitude of Baruk-Tur

I Don't think I'll let you arrest us today . . .

The party returns to the city. They decide to leave, since this is definitely not their fight.
• Aodh attempts to gain an audience with Princess Arellia but is stonewalled by functionaries of Lord Ming
• further efforts on Aodh’s part eventually results in an order being issued for his arrest, and the impoundment of both of their ships “I don’t think I’ll let you arrest me today Behan”

– Vonvaka’s malevolence cows the soldiers into taking out their own officer. Aodh is not best pleased by the results but directs them to take him before Lord Ming… Who of course can’t be found but one of his minions, the sorcerer Lord? Attempts to dictate the terms of their surrender which ultimately results in him being turned into a manatee. The officers return to their vessels, having taken away the entirety of the treasures in the dragon’s lair beneath the palace and promising Eniki and his immediate family a place on the Phoenix and the rest of his extended family places on the unicorn. The Phoenix takes off and flies for Khalamdea. The unicorn to follow its best speed.
• The Phoenix arrives in Khalamdea, an enormous, sprawling, significantly ruined city, overshadowed by a great black pillar at least 2000 feet tall belching fire and smoke into the sky. Landing on the surface of Oceanus, they sailed beneath the great bridges and found a berth in the third harbor. They made arrangements with the local shipwright to begin work repairing the hammer ship and discovered that the Justice, Captained by Daeriah, a rival of theirs back in Atlantis, was also in port.
• Aodh, on his own makes nice with Daeriah, arranges for repairs on the Phoenix, destroys 2 nautiloids (with help from a great potentate) and drinks the night away with his new friend Kiriath, owner of the Blue Dragon.
• The party then heads to Karcian Saedur, the ancient school of wizardry that most believe to be haunted. Percy gains entry after Tharivul is tentacle-porned. They learn that the great tower is guarded by 16 iron golems and that they need to be accompanied by a full professor of the school to gain further entry. They met Essus, possibly the only living creature in the school, and also the Chief Academecian – the head of the library. Percy Grabbed some books and the party headed back to the ship.



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