Alternate Earth Campaign

Your Voice is Ambrosia

or How Vonvaka gained a Griffin

Synopsis of stomping arch mages and rescue/capturing princesses after killing Sith Lords:

Politicking was avoided – or perhaps pursued by other means…

The proposed Chancellor was crushed to death – the proposed regent was rescued/captured and left with the Vizier. The party is on the way to try to rescue the elder princess. It is unclear whether there will be any vote at all tonight.

The party first communed with Aodh’s ancient Ealiiri mentor, summoning the tree-bound Founder through his Staff of the Woodlands. She told them that, contrary to what they had originally been told, Princess Arellia was not a captive of the Ba’al. She also discerned, evidently by scent, that Aodh and his companions had partaken of the Golden Apples that her cousin long ago cultivated. Evidently the apples come from the world tree, the closest shoot of which is somewhere “in the ice to the north east of here.”

The party next chose to accept the invitation from “the Lady.” Upon arrival they discovered that the Lady was tall (for a human), regal and elegant. In fact, she seemed taller than anyone in the room, though in truth she was barely over 6 feet, reminding them of their friend Donar. She wore flowing white garments over light golden plate. A heavy apis and long spear rested in the corner. She turned to regard them with her calm, measured gaze, the owl on her shoulder doing likewise. “So, you are my uncle’s foreign tenants from the Isle of Atlas. I am wondering why you are here?”

Aodh explained that they were sent from their island search for new lands…Vonvaka explained that they were there for revenge, and showed her the disembodied head of Sevehn. She remarked that this head was of a different character than those she’d seen before, not only because it was still alive. She then pulled out three other masks similar to the one on Sevehn.

The Ealiir, particularly Vonvaka, began sniffing out a substance similar to the Golden Apples and attempted to partake, but the Lady, whom they deduced was Athena, was not sharing with such obvious addicts. Yet, Athena was willing to attempt to scry the location of the missing princess, if they brought her something of personal significance. They then proceeded to rifle through the young lady’s underwear drawer.

In doing so, they found a secret passage that led to the viceroys tower. Tharivul snuck in and eavesdropped on Princess Laria and Lord Obdurim. Percy and everyone but Tharivul was seriously interested in mayhem, death and destruction. So they went to Athena to butter her up and also to get some ambrosia and nectar. Which they devoured.

Amped up on the food of the gods, they leapt into the fray. Tharivul was nearly shredded by the masked blade master at the top of the stairs, the whole time shrieking “This is impossible! I’m invisible!” Apparently having never been told that there are countermeasures to invisibility.

As Tharivul’s blood was sent flying from his invisible, incredulous self, Vonvaka dashed forward and fed him ambrosia, like a little chick, healing his wounds and suffusing him of an apparent understanding of the universe. The supreme skill of the blade master threatened them, but after a cast of Wave, a powerful duel between Blackrazor and the foe’s soul-screaming ember blade, and profligate expenditure of power, the potentates finally won through.

Though Aodh’s scheme to feed his summoned pixies ambrosia from the pickings of his teeth lead to five of them exploding in ecstasy, ultimately his potency overwhelmed Lord Obdurim, reducing him do a crawling insect which, oh so soon, met Aodh’s boot. In the aftermath, as reality righted itself, Obdurim returned to human form as a pulverized sack of meat with a boot-shaped hole through its middle.

Upstairs Tharivul tripped the princess as she attempted to mount her trained griffin, instead falling headfirst from the tower. Tharivul the Winged leapt after her and rescue-captured her moments before she joined her putative chancellor as a meat sack. Vonvaka expended copious Power to subdue the griffin as his very own.

Back downstairs, Tharivul then attempted to retrieve the soul-screaming ember blade from the corpse of the warlock. The malignance of the blade attempted to overpower his mind, but he was able to fight off the assault and drop the blade.

Tharivul, Percy and Vonvaka, On his new Griffin, then proceeded north to the address that princess Laria provided as the last known location of her sister.

Sorcerer Lord Vacancy
It dawns on Percy, as he is being carried through the sky by Tharivul, that with the death of Lord Obdurim, there is a vacancy amongst the sorcerer lords. Traditionally that vacancy is filled by the Sorcerer who killed the incumbent. Technically the new Sorcerer Lord must be approved by the Viceroy, but in historical practice it almost always has been rubber-stamped. Of course only the four of you know who killed Lord Obdurim.

Exposition from Athena
Meanwhile, Aodh dragged the shattered, severed remains of the masked foe through the hallway to Athena’s chambers. Behind him, servants silently cursed lamented the streak of gore that painted the path from the tower to Athena’s rooms. While the severed head of Sevehn spluttered and cursed, in what seemed like shock, Athena unmasked the corpse. The mask had concealed a grey skinned praeloryte with yet another profane graft replacing his left eye with something resembling a cat’s. “Well, this is a new one.” Aphena shook her head “and this one expended any Power it still possessed. I don’t know how much I will be able to glean from it but I will try.” Aodh also went to retrieve the sword taking precautions not to touch directly and returned it to Athena. Upon some examination she explained that the sword was forged of blood steel and alloy of iron ingots made from the congealed agony and blood of tortured victims. “This is the most powerful example of this weaponry I have seen. It seems clear that this organization, the Cult of Ouranos, is more powerful and more widespread than my father let on.” Her face hard and so she looks back to the East “I wish I new more of their organization and plans. I think they may need to be exterminated.”

Description of the safe house/prison
The building at the address Princess Laria gave you is about 40 feet tall, flat topped and made of stone. It appears to be an old cyclopean structure. You cannot tell from above whether or not it has been converted for use by humans. There are two centuries on the roof both looking to the south west towards the section of the city that was destroyed by the rampaging sentinels. It is now full dark And they appear to have no idea that you lurk in the skies above them.


200 each from ambrosia and nectar
241 each from killing ‘darth revan’

XP: 8050 each



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