Aerindor Hadurel, The Northener

Warrior from the Northern Isles searching for his lost kin


Aerindor is a tall human warrior from the Northern Isles, equipped with bronze age weaponry. He carries a long (8’) bronze spear and carries a bronzed shield. He wears a leather jerkin studded with bronze plates and wears a long curved blade of a silvery metal that does not appear to be steel. He speaks the Roman tongue with a strange accent. He appears very reserved, even aloof, and does not converse often with most of his travelling companions. He does listen attentively though and makes contributions with assurance.

He rides a large shaggy horse and is accompanied by a lean wolfhound that he uses to track his prey.


Aerindor Hadurel is looking for his lost kinsfolk. They came south pursuing ancient family quests that Aerindor considers fool’s errands. Still they are kinfolk and he has sworn his own oath to discover what happened to them. During his travels south, he joined up with a Paladin of the Frankish Church, who was also on a quest and travelling in the same direction.

The Paladin You met this man in Frankia while travelling south. He helped you dispatch a few bandits who were foolish enough to attach you on the road and asked for nothing in return. Intrigued, you decided to accept his offer to travel in company for a while. You find yourself impressed with his quiet piety.
The Priestess joined your group at the Bishop’s palace in Auvergne. The Paladin had gone there to ask for leads and returned instead with the priestess who said she knew exactly where he needed to go. She also said she knew where you needed to go, though you had told her nothing of your own search. Her dark, almost bottomless eyes may see too much.
Elderly Knight when you arrived in the barony that the Priestess said was at the end of your search, the Paladin asked the Baron if there was anyone with good contacts in this village of Homlet willing to aid him. The Elder Knight volunteered. He evidently knows many individuals there, including the local knight. Still he seems a broken man. You gather that he was once a powerful warrior who fought with the local hero against an evil temple, not too far from the village where you are headed. He is a sad, pathetic man who reminds you of your own people.
The Inquisitor This Agent of Rome seems almost manic in his drive to find the “one in white.” The Paladin wondered if that might be the same person as the “White Robed Wizard” and the Inquisitor has obsessed over it ever since. He appears to see everyone as nothing more than a resource to be spent in the completion of his mission. You wondered if he posed a danger to you, but he seems to have hardly taken any notice at all.
The Scholar Though he is clearly a slave, this man also clearly thinks quite highly of himself. You doubt his vaunted ‘knowledge’ is half so deep as your own, limited though that might be compared to that of your elders.
The Veteran this old soldier of Rome is clearly still quite capable. Yet you also sense his ardor to serve the Inquisitor is not . . . absolute. he seems to enjoy chatting with the Scholar.

Aerindor Hadurel, The Northener

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