Sir Bertran, Elderly Knight

elderly knight who once fought with Prince Thrommel and yearns for glory days


This knight was once a legend within the Kingdom of Auvergne. He was a companion to Prince Thrommel during the war. And he was one of the strongest men in the land. In his heyday, after the war, he rode about armed with an enormous war-axe that most men could not wield with two hands, yet he handled it easily with one. He was said to have been able to lift a horse over his head, and throw a man clear across a room. But whatever might have been the truth of these stories they are all in the past. The knight now is a feeble old man in his 50’s. He wears battered chain armor and bears a long sword and battleaxe. on his horse, his still carries his legendary war-axe, but it just seems like a pitiful reminder of what he can’t do.

Ulf – dull squire (F 3)
Thunderer, destrier
2 riding horses
1 pack horse

Chain mail, kite shield
longsword, battle ax, war–ax, heavy lance


Aerindor HadurelThis fellow seems to be a bit supercilious for a barbarian warrior from the north. Still he is clearly a powerful warrior and you and the strength. It also seems obvious that he is affluent getting ever bothers to replace his Bronze Age armaments. You don’t like how he seems to look upon you with pity.
The InquisitorThis pompous, preoccupied Roman seems to simply view people as tools. And he evidently thinks that you are a better badly worn one. He is very dismissive of you – and that makes you angry.
The PaladinYou envy the paladins strengths and youth. He is what you once were, though, perhaps without the full measure of avarice and arrogance. You join this quest to help the priestess and that means you are sworn to help the Paladin.
The PriestessYou heard her Voice at the barons Court and knew that your only chance for redemption was at hand. You will follow her to the ends of the earth to seek that redemption, though you wish she would explain your role more clearly.
The ScholarThe only one of this company who might be more feeble that you, the slave still clearly thinks quite highly of himself. You have no use for his book learning or condescension and steer clear of him.
The VeteranThis man is seen nearly as much soldiering is you have, albeit with the legions. Still his more than a decade younger than you and still possessed of vigor and youth that you can only envy. Even so he seems to be the only one of the group who understands some of what you are going through.

Sir Bertran, Elderly Knight

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