Captain Otis, The Sell Sword

grizzled veteran sellsword


Captain Otis is a grizzled veteran of many campaigns, including the last war with the the Temple. He once served Prince Thrommel, then Sir Bertran as a man at arms. He wears very high quality chain armor and wields an ancient, exotic greatsword.

His current command:
Zert, down on his luck sell sword.
Spugnoir, young mage scholar
Furnok, a gambler and ‘adventurer’
Gil, mercenary ‘borrowed’ from the traders in Hommlet
Black Jay, old ‘retired’ veteran from the last war.

With Elmo
Elmo, Brother and skilled sell-sword.
Kobort, big dumb sell-sword who used a large hammer.
Turuko, Kobort’s ‘keeper’ some sort of militant eastern monk.

In Nulb
Murfles, elven scout and loyal henchman.
other allies


Captain Otis has recently been working as a smith in the village of Nulb. He was actually working undercover for the viscount, watching the activity of the nearby temple. but that cover is now blown because he has been recalled by the viscount to active duty to rescue the viscount’s daughter who was kidnapped by men led by a black clad figure with a bone mask. all indication point to the temple as the culprit and Otis knows that a party matching the kidnappers description entered the temple two days before.

Otis’s brother Elmo, also an experienced sell sword and agent for the viscount, brought Otis his orders and a hastily assembled party comprised of the readily available ‘adventurers’ on hand in Hommlet. They are not much, but all Otis has until an expedition from the Viscount arrives in 3 more days. but that could be too late.

Captain Otis, The Sell Sword

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