Vengeance driven Necromancer from Baruk-Tur


Percy is the Bearer of the Black Book. He is also a driven necromancer looking for a way to bring back his slain wife, and wreak vengeance on her killers, the Ba’als. He hails from the Iron City Baruk-Tur. He was once, for a short time, a member of the Sorcerer Lord Kolriar’s household, along with his wife, a beautiful woman with some magical talent of her own. Percy petitioned to Lord Kolriar to join his household so that he and his wife might be one of the 100 held to be inviolate from the culling.

Percy believes that Kolriar agreed more because of teh Sorcerer Lord’s interest in his wife than any interest in him. However, when the culling began in their district, Percy was away on business for his master Kolriar. He learned later that her stone was drawn and not recognized as one of the inviolate. His beloved wife was taken by the priests for consumption by the Ba’als.

Percy is unsure of the role that Kolriar played in her death but now holds a powerful grudge against him.


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