Upon beholding Sigrdis for the first time, your memory though clouded by time and the din of battle seems to recall an inn where a singer played you a tune almost sadly upon his lute, the portion of which you recall went thusly:

“For they say she was born under an auspicious sign,
And knows not her parents from common nor divine;
For the great Sirgrdis was found upon the holy altar,
By he the highest, the mightiest, the all-father;

And because she had shown at an early age that she held no fear,
Was trained and excelled with shield, sword and spear;

Silent as snow, a warrior of few words,
She prays not to Victory, but Victory, to her;

She knows not if she truly is fair,
For mirrors are afraid to return her stare;

She terrifies foes for she is utterly fearless,
For Hel once had a near-Sigrdis experience;

She once told Thor his unregulated hair was too little-girly,
And declined to heft Mjolnir for it was not worthy;

A battle once joined, a fellow Aesir did join the fray,
And back to back with her, was heard to say;
“Sweet maiden, i protect you from enemies sprung of ether”,
She disemboweled a foe and replied “sorry, neither”;

And traveller, know it is truth you receive from this swain,
For Sigirdis has told me if falsehood is born by my refrains;
That she would take my manhood, coming from behind,
And tho she smiled, I know her intent was not kind;

So friend, sing with her while she is in her cups,
But speak no ill, lest she spill your guts."


Alternate Earth Campaign Kuronakage