Lucius Amicus, the Inquisitor

Roman Speculatorum agent searching for references to cult of Ouranos


This Roman is tall and lean addresses almost entirely in black except for the occasional Imperial purple. He wears a fine leather cuirass and wears a gladius and a saber.

The Veteran
The Scholar
Riding horse

Aerindor HadurelEvidently this northern barbarians people still haven’t made it out of the Bronze Age. It is sad how far the imperium has fallen. He seems to be a capable warrior but otherwise irrelevant.
Elderly KnightThis old knight barely seems able to use his weapons. His squire may be of more value in a fight. Apparently he knows a lot of the locals however that may be worth cultivating.
The PaladinThis warrior priest of the church of the Franks is anathema to you. Were your mission not so important you would almost certainly be compelling him to accept the supremacy of the Emperor over his pitiful God. Still he appears to be searching for the same person and his skills, as well as those of his companions, will likely be of use.
The PriestessShe also is anathema to you. But those fathomless eyes are disturbing. You are not sure if you could bring yourself to compel her to swear the oath of subjugation. It is a good thing your goals are the same here.
The ScholarThis sharp tongued old Greek maybe more trouble than he is worth. While he is certainly a font of scholarly information, so far you have not been able to test it. You also get the sense that he is holding something back and you don’t care for that. At times he seems to forget that he is your slave. That is unacceptable.
The VeteranServed 20 years in the 83rd legion until it was disbanded about a year ago. He was a senior NCO of the first cohort and one of the last to be discharged. He was getting ready to head north to follow some of his brethren into the mercenary trade when you snatched him up as a bodyguard. His Roman zeal seems to be somewhat lacking.

Lucius Amicus, the Inquisitor

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