Sir Sebastian, the Paladin

Sir Sebastian, Paladin of the Church of the Franks, searching for 'the wizard in white'


The Paladin is a tall, strong, good-looking knight clad in white gold. He wears serviceable chain mail under his tabard and carries a well cared for kite shield. His longsword, warhammer and lances are similarly well kept. His Squire is a sour young fellow, but his horse is absolutely magnificent. It is easily two hands taller than the elderly knight’s own destrier, and must weigh several hundered pounds more – yet it also seems tireless. The Paladin does not even bother to ride a smaller animal for travelling.

Phillipe – young (15), sour squire who professes desire to become a ‘witchfinder’ (F1)
Bellerophon – powerful paladin’s warhorse
2 lighter horses – (squire’s mount and pack horse)


Aerindor HadurelThis northerner with bronze weaponry has been a steadfast companion for weeks. He doesn’t talk much but you gather he is looking for some lost kin. You will help him find them if you can.
The Inquisitor the inquisitor is an ally – of sorts. he is looking for the same man and you have agreed to pool resources. but he is also a servant if the Imperium and a holder of slaves. and that is a problem.
Elderly KnightWhile you’re sure that this old knight has seen a lot of action, you are certain that his skills are not much more refined than your own. Still you do like to listen to his stories on occasion and he has been a good guide so far.
The Priestess The church elders seem disconcerted by this priestess. Perhaps this is because of their patriarchal hierarchy, but anyone who meets her gas to know that she has certainly been touched by the divine. What’s more, she seems to know where you need to go to find the White Robed Wizard.
The Scholar while you don’t very much care for this old man’s personality, you cannot abide slavery. His bondage has been distracting you from your goal and it is hard to consider the inquisitor and ally so long as he keeps this man as his property.
The Veteran this soldier seems a decent sort. But he does support the inquisitor and that may be a problem.

Sir Sebastian, the Paladin

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