Sister Adriel, the Priestess

Priestess of the Frankish Church, aiding the Paladin


The priestess is a serene, lovely woman who seems to calm those around her. Yet, when angered, she knows a fierceness that could put a Dragon to shame. She wears blue white and gold robes over a suit of chain mail. She carries a kite shield and wields a light mace in battle. She was accompanied by no servants and rides a parlfrey that was a gift from the Bishop of Auvergne. Though The hierarchy of the church does not seem to care for it, she is one of the most powerful wielders of their god’s power in the region.


Aerindor HadurelYou feel like you should know who this barbarian from the North is. If only your memory was better. Still he seems to be a worthy companion for your quest. And you are sure that his quest is tied in with your own.
The InquisitorThis man, or more precisely his order and what it represents, makes your skin crawl. They represent the hubris of imperial ambition. A chain of men who call themselves gods and demand of the priests swear oaths that their own gods are supplicants of the Emperor. Disgusting.
The PaladinHe is clearly a righteous warrior, though perhaps a trifle too eager. Still he clearly adheres to the tenants of Zuriel and the creator in a meaningful and just way. His squire, Phillipe, however seems to be more taken with a new sect that thinks their primary purpose is to hunt down and eradicate witches. You pray that such perverted notions fade quickly as they seem far too much like the Speculatorum of Rome.
Elderly KnightYou have only vague memories of this man, but you feel that you have somehow wronged him, and that that wrong compounded itself to great tragedy. You hope that your current quest will allow you to right those wrongs.
The ScholarThis rather caustic fellow seems to be a follower of the Atheism of Arcana. His servitude barely registers for you, but you do know that troubles the Paladin, and that you do not care for.
The VeteranHe seems a decent enough fellow who is clearly very skilled at arms. You know that you have considerable power yourself, but you feel that you could learn a thing or two from about the proper application of the power in the martial setting.

Sister Adriel, the Priestess

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