Lykaeus, the Scholar

old greek scholar, Roman slave 'owned' by the inquisitor


The scholar is a doddering old man well into his 60s who uses an old stick to walk. Around his neck, bending his once tall frame, is a placard that proclaims him to be a slave of the Roman Empire. It is a pitiful state to see in an old Greek of great learning. Yet he is still possessed of a fiery wit, belligerently logical, acting almost as if he is the Lord and all around him are nothing more than dullards, too slow to grasp the greater truths.

The Inquisitor holds your slave bond now. He commands you, but he is in truth a slave, himself, to the Emperor of Rome. He has not been particular onerous as a master, and he has been very eager to learn what you know about the cult of Ouranos. Nor is he a complete lackwit.
The Veteran He is an older soldier, who served 20 years in the legion. But the Empire reneged on its promise and there was no land for him at the end of his service. You have actually enjoyed some mild philosophical discussions with him by the fire during your journey northward.
The Priestess You have only just met her, but she looks at you with sad, almost unfathomable eyes. she makes you uncomfortable. when you look at her you almost want to believe in the divine omnipotence of her god. But of course that is preposterous. you know the truth of Atheism.
The Paladin Also newly met, he seems a decent man. Not pompous or overbearing as you would have suspected. But still dull. He is clearly angry with the Inquisitor for holding your slave bond and it seems possible that they might come to blows.
Elderly Knight This old knight seems worn by life. You understand that he was once a strong man but that seems to have fled him. He acts sometimes like the weight of the world has crushed the life out of him. He should try being a slave. a dull witted, pathetic creature, who has now learned that strength is a fleeting thing to base one’s life upon.
Aerindor Hadurel This warrior from the isles to the north is odd. He is clearly a strongman, a brute like so many others before him, but occasionally he looks on you with disdain. Not for being a slave, or an intellectual – but almost as if he thought you were dull. But that’s preposterous.

Lykaeus, the Scholar

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