Titus Agarius, the Veteran

Veteran of the legions, working as a mercenary and bodyguarding the inquisitor


This veteran has seen nearly 4 decades, over half of that in the the legions. He is still a bit strong example of the soldiers of the Empire. He rose to be the senior NCO of the first cohort 83rd Legion, before it was disbanded. Having been badly screwed over during his discharge from the legions the veteran is poorly equipped. He wears a ring mail jack and carries a battered old legionary shield. He has a worn old gladius and three pilae. The inquisitor sprang for a horse to carry them northward.


Aerindor HadurelThis northern barbarian clearly knows his way around his weapons. The inquisitor is rather dismissive of him but you think he might be the most dangerous man here. Still he generally keeps to himself does not appear to be a troublemaker.
The InquisitorThe inquisitor is like so many of his brethren, enigmatic and intense. You have no great love for him or the Empire at the moment but the pay is good. or at least goo enough.
The PaladinIs young but clearly has considerable skill at arms. He also has that dangerous surplus of eagerness that sometimes infects young officers and gets their commands killed. Still he’s a likable lad and relatively sharp. Maybe he’ll catch on before anything too bad happens.
The PriestessShe is what a noble lady should be like. A soothing but commanding voice and eyes of authority, power and compassion. Too bad the Empire would like nothing more than to break her and force her into servitude.
The ScholarThis old geezer is a font of knowledge, and you enjoy bantering philosophy with him around the campfire. There’s nothing quite like a life of soldiering to turn a man into a philosopher. You wish he wasn’t a slave.
Elderly KnightThis old warrior has seen better days. You’re sure he has some interesting stories to tell. And you’re also sure that someday you’ll be in rough shape like him.

Titus Agarius, the Veteran

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