Vonvaka Illgresi

Vonvaka Illgresi, Khessian Blademaster


Vonvaka Illgresi, Khessian Blademaster

Vonvaka, level 7 Hermit Monk of the Way of the Four Elements.

I speak Atlantean and Fomor, I play the Aulos, I can cast the Frosbite cantrip (from Elemental Evil), and I know the Fist of Unbroken Air, Shape of Flowing River, and Clench of the North Wind Elemental Disciplines.


Life of Seclusion: I was searching for spiritual enlightenment, and to transcend grief, following the senseless loss of my younger brother. He was a Fortune Reader, skilled with the cards, but brutally slain by renegade fomors. He was not yet 60. Millenia of potential. Such a horrible waste. You witnessed his death and began your hermitage soon after.


1.) I was searching for personal enlightenment—and I found nothing. Nothing except being witness to the senseless pain of suffering in meaninglessness. While on your hermitage in the Rimwall Mountains, you witnessed yet another attack by fomor renegades. A small estate was slaughtered, man, woman and child. The renegades were eventually destroyed, but you felt anger that they were only destroyed after such senseless waste! why not destroy them before they could harm your people? Why did the council do nothing?

2.) I feel tremendous empathy for all who suffer, but I shall ignore their pleas until my power grows to a level where I can either avenge their suffering, or end it by any means.

Ideal: Life is meaningless, and I shall give it meaning through power. My will shall prevail. I foolishly thought solitude and contemplation were paths towards power, but I realized that they only keep the weak helpless. I emerge back into the world, and I will never be helpless again. You ended your Hermitage two decades ago and devoted yourself to the study of the sword under the Khessian Masters.

Bond: I entered seclusion to grieve . . . Secret

Flaw: I would risk all for power and the knowledge that would lead to it. My tunnel-vision opens me to gullibility at times, and I am easy to frustrate and anger.

Vonvaka Illgresi

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