Alternate Earth Campaign

Battle for Bral: Part 2

You pause for another moment in the Battle of Bral. Lord Mrajdon is out of the fight, having been trapped by Percy, Sigrdis and Donar in Asgard.

Percy, after disengaging from the two red-winged women, is riding down a bone-masked figure (sporting the inverted Omega symbol of the Cult of Ouranos) upon his nightmare. Vonvaka is sailing around on Blood Wing having fled Lord Mrajdon’s wrath.

Sigrdis, who fought her way through dozens of Mrajdon’s soldiers to rescue her captured comrades is now reeling from her wounds, leaking red gold blood in the aftermath of the Tyrrany’s barrage. One of her companions was killed in the assault, the other is also grievously wounded as the ship burns at the pier. At the docks, on the base of the hill, the mass of the Aesir war band is bunching up. They are beset from multiple angles by small units of Zomnite soldiers, while yet more help their formation of crossbow bolts from above. More companies of Zomnites, accompanied by soldiers in the delivery of Prince Andru marching towards the dock’s.

Aodh is scrambling, trying to avoid the fire of multiple hell bolters from the flagship that have wounded him viciously. The Tyranny is itself quite wounded by Aodh’s counter fire from the Fiachian Fire Lance.

Remnants of destroyed automatons tumble out from the fire and smoke belching out of the open bay in the belly of the Tyranny, while yet more smoke trails from the aft section of the ship. In the distance multiple ships begin maneuvering towards the fighting, including two cruisers that appear to be of the same class as the Dagger of Zom.

Fleeing the Hulk

The party used its rest in the ancient engineering spaces to advantage. Not only did they heal themselves and Vonvaka’s soldiers, they also gained the services of two space marine wights with the aid of Percy’s necromantic skills. Vonvaka’s visions showed him that the critical moment was fast approaching and would soon pass them by if they took no action… So they dashed down the hall to the great shaft of the power core, rushing through the door to find themselves atop a large platform 60 feet above a blanket of mist, and quite far from their enemies. Vonvaka made the leap easily and Tharivul gathered up Percy and flew him across the divide on his wings and shadow.

Arrayed against them were several squads of soldiers, not quite human in appearance. In fact they seemed reminiscent of some of these sub humans that the Ealiiri had encountered in the Lost City beneath Mount Atlas. They were further supported by three strange undead creatures lousy with eldritch energy. Commanding them all were three Eternals: Mr. Graves, the same Lich Vonvaka, Percy and Tharivul had fought on the shattered remains of the Dagger of Zom. But here he deferred to Mr. Book, his elder and Mr. Brooks guardian, Sir Auriahc.

With some foresight, Percy had consumed the necrotic energies of many of the corpses in their bivouac, filling himself beyond capacity and to great physical and mental strain. But now he released that power and all other energies together – from staff and body and soul. Surprised, Mr. Book’s own energies were overcome by the briefest of margins. Potentates throughout the room felt the tremendous expenditure of power though the specific cause was unknown. Thus Mr. Graves and Sir Auriahc were unaware that Mr. Book was now under Percy’s control. Though Percy and self was so trained was barely conscious. Yet his soul brother Vonvaka is able to share the link note that the mind of the thousand-year-old Lich.
Yet even so, the assaults nearly failed. Sir Auriahc unleashed a potent sorcery leaving the entry platform in bathed hellfire. All of Vonvaka’s followers were felled by the blast yet one wight remained standing. Eager to serve its new master to the fullest, the wight pulled two unconscious survivors to safety then return to the fray lashing undead warlocks with automatic weapons fire.

With none the wiser, Mr. Book altered the Hulk’s course –soon to be irrevocable – away from its collision with the Elven planet. Vonvaka, concerned with the fate of his followers was unprepared for a volley of eldritch energy from the undead warlocks. One caught him full in the chest and flung him into the mist below. His descent was cut short by grasping tentacles from a disgusting giant worm – again not unlike that discovered in the ruined city beneath Mount Atlas. Barely visible in the witch light below, a swarm of these giant slug like creatures huddled close to the power core for warmth and sustenance.

Undeterred, Vonvaka simply faded into mist floating backup amongst his enemies. The Zomnites were unaware of the predator wafting through their midst, still unaware that their leader dominated Percy. Fancy flying and spell work From Tharivul Percy from the clutches of Sir Auriahc and his soldiers.

As Mr. Graves directed his soldiers to search more vigorously for the elusive Tharivul, Vonvaka materialized behind him. Leaping into the air and projecting all of his power and the fear he and his fists down onto the unsuspecting had of Mr. Graves, Vonvaka the Destroyer smashing the lich to dust. It was then that Percy muttered something that he discovered in the Black Book about Liches finding their souls into phylacteries so that even if their physical bodies were destroyed they could be reborn wherever there phylacteries resided. Mr. Book revealed that Lord Mrajdon and processed phylacteries these three and two other Eternals, and he had left for Bral five days ago.

The party determined they had no more to gain from the combat here fled quickly through the halls of the space hulk. They were only hampered slightly by desultory pursuit of the kruthians, eventually finding the Phoenix lashed to the exterior hull like a limpet. As Captain Jaque ordered the lines cut the Hulk dashed past, as -even with Prometheus at the helm – it could only maintain a speed of about 200 mph in the gravity well of the Hulk. The Hulk’s acceleration over eight hours far exceeded that and it soon disappeared into the astral sea.
Shortly thereafter two vessels of the IEF dropped down to tactial speed and moved to link up with the Phoenix. They inform you that the Admiral, frustrated at not finding Mrajdon’s squadron ordered the bulk of her squadron back to their outpost above Arborea. The Bralian Squadron was badly handled by the Zomnite’s fixed defenses on the Hulk and was limping back to Bral. The Admiral dispatched these two ship to see if they could aid you in any way, especially since the Hulk was heading towards IEF Space.

Meeting Mrajdon


You spent the last seven days sailing the astral sea in company with the Dagger of Zom, and her squadron. The Dagger, an up-armed squidship, captained by Danric Bloodfist, has kept you under her guns for the entire voyage, with hostages exchanged between the ships. Cpt. Bloodfist said the fore mount is called a Hell-bolter, four metal tubes opening through the mouths of screaming skulls, linked by a shield plate and mounted on a swiveling pedestal. The aft mount is much larger, consisting of only two tubes of triple the length and quadruple the bore, called a hell-cannon. You are unsure how effective these weapons would be . . . but they evidently run on people. The rest of the armament is more mundane, 4 dual heavy ballistae, two per broadside.

You finally arrive at the putative pirate base. It is an enormous metal monstrosity of some sort of gothic construction that looks like it might have collided with an asteroid or two.
The Dagger leads you to the far side where several cavernous docking bays are open to the sea. Another, previously closed, bay screeches open revealing the Tyranny, Lord Mrajdon’s Flagship, docked inside. The brutish Mammoth ship bristles with guns, 6 quad hell-bolters, 2 dual hell-lances, and 6 dual hell-cannon.

Your ship settles into the bay where it is clutched in heavy docking clamps. Several of the guns on the Tyranny are trained onto your ship. Some are trained on the heavy doors leading from the bay further into the metal monstrosity. Dozens of heavily armed troops are in the bay, moving about their tasks or standing sentry near the doors.

You are ushered through the bay, up a large ramp, through heavy cargo doors into the belly of the mammoth. Inside are ranks of animate armor backed by a half dozen larger constructs. You are sent up a ladder to the captain’s Quarters where you find the Lord Mrajdon on a sort of throne consulting with two winged women in ornate black plate, and three masked, black clad figures towards the middle of the room.
Along the flanks are eight sentries in plate who all look at you as you enter. Mrajdon, a hulking figure clad in heavy red robes over burnished steel plate, turns his helmeted head to your delegation.

“So. You wish to join me?”

Meeting the Pirates . . . in SPACE!
Or: "So they are THOSE kind of pirates"

We boosted the economy of Bral by stocking and upgrading the Phoenix with some of its finest, most expensive wares. Our 1 catapult / 1 ballista, lumbering pleasure yacht is now a superfast, 25 ballista / 2 catapult battlecruiser painted matte black and ready to wack… enemies. In the face. With ballista bolts. In the face…o

In addition, we’ve hired on a mercenary crew of Giff with big guns and appetites to match. Plus, Prometus, a weird wizard looking for his god in space, hired on as a crewman. He’s pretty creepy though, so I suggest watching him.

Aodh went to the local Temple of Odin, where he was welcomed by a bunch of hard drinking Aesiir. They reminded him of his missing friend Donar. He requested a Divination to ask about getting in the Pirate Leader Mrajdon’s, good graces, thinking there’s no way these are THOSE kind of pirates and maybe they are peeps we can work with. Odin told him to have the Phoenix strike her colors and offer to join the pirates when they engaged. We then had to buy a flag for the Phoenix so we could strike it at just the right time.

Turns out, just the right time came along quickly. Pirates tried to ambush the ship, but they paid in blood (and burn scars) for their mistake. We pulled down our flag and offered to join. After some negotiation, the captain of the Dagger of Zom, Danric Bloodfist, agreed to take us to the Commodore, Lord Mrajdon, for recruitment.

On the way to the commodore, Aodh changed the pirate’s First Officer into a dog and then mind controlled him permanently. After changing him back into a human, the druid found out that the fancy guns on the pirate ship are fueled by people. Tharivul, on the pirate ship, sneaked into the super-secret-area beneath the fancy guns, and confirmed what Aodh discovered independently, ’It’s people! The guns are made of people! They’re making guns out of people! Next thing, they’ll be breeding us for little baby guns! You’ve gotta tell them! You’ve gotta TELL them!" is what Tharivul wanted to say, but discretion was necessary.
As it turns out, they are so THOSE kind of pirates.

Finally, we’ve reached Notamoon Station and are being brought to meet the Pirate King.

Privateers! in SPAAAACE!
or something like that . . .

We went for a walk to our ship with Tolurin and his wards (grandchildren?) – Laicath and Lithot. Percy saw Tolurin as an instructor and sought to learn from him, much to Tolurin’s pleasure since his former students (i.e., the rest of the party) are C students at best (his words, not mine, ha). Meanwhile Thaurvil decided to cast Mage Hand to either magically cop-a-feel with both twins and Tolurin OR verify their identities. When that didn’t work (for semi-obvious reasons) Laicath – who is a warrior and past comrade of you all – revealed his knowledge of your past misadventures – verified their identities to Thaurvil’s satisfaction.

Upon inspection of the Hammership, Pheonix, Tolurin revealed his ignorance of how the ship operates but also his wish to learn more. Apparently its effects are similar to crystals that can be found in Atlantis but those Atlantean crystals lose power as they get further away from the island/city. In return for inspecting the ship, Percy requested that Tolurin teach him to scry, upon which he immediately sought for his long-lost wife. To his amazement, he found her (or what looks to be her) – a thrall of some Illithids in what looks like an Illithid cantina (insert Kirk screaming picture).
With both the good news that his wife is alive and the bad news of her captors, Tharuvil suggested we take the Hammerhead back to Aqaa in order to hunt some more Illithids, with the agreement that we bring any captives or equipment back to Tolurin – with the hope that ‘Spelljamming’ technology might one day help Atlanteans make travel from their home become routine.


On our way to Aqaa we dropped out of warp, I mean spelljamming, based on our proximity to another ship. We feared and imminent attack and took the best precautions we could think of – we also realized we have a dysfunctional crew in that no one knew what to do. To correct this problem, Tharvil declared himself captain and Percy could not assail the logic of ‘I called it first!’

We eventually found the reason for our ‘hyperdrive malfunction’ – a derelict ship! We boarded it and found it to be a tradesman ship called ‘The Wayfarer’. Upon inspection of the ship, and communing with the dead captain and a dead pirate, we discovered that the ship was sailing from some place called Toril to some place called Bral. The ship, its crew, and its contents, were victims of the Pirate Captain Mrajdon. Following the code of good Spelljammers, we towed the ship to our new destination the Rock of Bral – an asteroid city.

Unfortunately, upon reaching Bral, we realized that the previous owner of the Hammership was the cousin of the Prince and de-factor ruler of Bral – a devious autocrat named Andru. Upon interrogation, and to Tharuvil’s chagrin, Percy revealed the general truth of our past adventures to Andru. The prince offered a pardon, and to recognize our ownership of the Hammerhead, if we were to deal a blow to Mrajdon and his pirate crew. Our other option was the stockade. Opting for the better part of valor, we have accepted this commission and are now privateers for Bral (meaning that we must split our future captures 50/50 with the Prince). However, the derelict ‘Wayfarer’ is ours to do with as we will.

To insure our adherence to this new relationship, a Lieutenant Rodgers has been assigned to us. However, Rodgers doesn’t seem thrilled with the assignment, the chance of our mission success, or the Prince in general. We now are seeking to restock/prepare for this quest. It was suggested that we seek out the Merkane for this purpose – in that they are a species that has the best tech.

Onto the Justice
Summoned by the Commodore

Onto the Justice:
You approach stern castle of the Justice, having been sent a letter by Commodore the Lady Daeriah, Aspirant of House Palfaen, of the Ealiir Fleet Ship Justice, Ealiiri Principalities of Atlantis, requesting your presence. Actually it seemed to be worded more like a command… And here you are. The second officer greets you, “the Commodore expects you, and she directed that you be sent in immediately.”

You are ushered into the enormous stern cabin of the EFS justice, where two humans are each flanked by a pair of marines. Commodore Daeriah leans back against a large, ornate table. Kheldar, Commodore Daeriah’s chief lieutenant, and aspirant to house Fiach stands menacingly near the better dressed of the Khalamdeans.

The Commodore looks up as you approach “Ah, Thank you for coming so swiftly. I’ll be with you shortly.” She turns her attention back to the better dressed Khalamdean. He wears a finely tooled leather fighting jacket, with two pistols, rapier and main gauche belted to his waist. His long hair is drawn back and tied with a black ribbon. He wears four earrings in his left ear and three in his right. His expression is a study of conflict: arrogant uncertainty.

“So Ser Jared,” the commodore resumes “you are the Block Captain responsible for the security of the block where the” she consults a document on the table behind her “Lusty Mermaid is located, correct.”

“That is correct.”

“And your search for my missing crew has turned up no leads?”

“As you know my lady, you have not . . .”

“No leads correct?”

“My Lady you have not . . .”

“Silence! I will not tolerate any more of your vacillating!”

“My Lady . . .” the Block Captain is silenced by Kheldar’s fist in his gut.

The Commodore turns her attention to the other Khalamdean, who appears quite shocked at the treatment of the Block Captain. “Master Balnian,” she steps away from the table towards Balnian, “you have the opportunity now to rectify Ser Jared’s malfeasance.”

“I . . .”

“Ser Jared has no leads because he has conducted no investigation, because I have refused to bribe him. He is charged with the security and safety of this entire block, and he has failed in his duty. A number of my crew have disappeared from this block, at least three of which have disappeared from your establishment. As such he has abrogated his duty as an officer of the peace and has proven that the rule of law does not function here.” She turns and nods to Kheldar now standing behind the wheezing Ser Jared.

Kheldar smoothly yanks the smaller man erect by his hair, then drives a long dagger into the joint of neck and shoulder, straight to his heart. He jerks for a moment, then sags bonelessly, held upright only by Kheldar’s implacable grip.

“I understand that a Block Captain is a man of some authority here, so believe me when I tell you that if you do not cooperate fully with my investigation, you will not fare so well.” Red blood dribbles to the floor beneath the suspended Block Captain as yellow urine stains the floor beneath a white faced Balnian.

“Is that clear?”

“ye. . . yes Milady.”

“Good. Kheldar, tie that to a stake at the end of the pier. Then conduct Master Balnian back to his establishment and begin your investigation.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Mhet, my compliments to Lieutenant Brandeis and tell him to carry out his orders.” An imp of light and smoke appears beside her and bobs its head, disappearing again is a puff of smoke.

“Tohs, Fal clean this mess up.” Two more imps appear in a cloud of steam then grumbling – quietly – begin to work on the blood and urine.

She turns to you “So as the senior Ealiiri present it seems to me . . .”

“Sail!” comes an excited shout from on deck “Three Sail! Ealiiri vessels!”

“Well, perhaps this will wait . . .”

On deck you see three Ealirri vessels sailing gracefully into the harbor. The Maedon’s Pride is accompanied by two other vessels. A much smaller vessel that looks familiar . . . suddenly you realize that is the Verity, the exploration vessel that your old teacher Lord Tolurin that his wards Laicath and Lithot left on. The larger vessel flies the flag of the house of Illimar and the personal standard of Lord Laighos, the Illimari Captain who defeated Lord Xarot in the Kinslayer wars.

You re all summoned aboard the Glory, the flagship of Lord Laighos. The Glory is substantially larger than the expedition ships like the Unicorn and the Justice. Its troops are well equipped in Golden arms and armor. All of them have at least one thunder Lance. Its officers are accoutered with White arms. The ship boasts multiple heavy sun lance engines and several personal sun lances are in evidence at well.

You learn, in the great cabin, that three of Laighos’s grandchildren were on the Pride of Illimar when it was destroyed. He and his daughters, their mothers, defied the Ailarri Council and mustered their own household troops to run the south channel themselves. They had several engagements with the Kraken and drove it off with the overwhelming weight of sunlance fire. Laighos and his daughters, Belena and Sulis fairly glow with unspent rage.

Laighos approves of Daeriah’s plans and then turns his attention to you. “You are officers of the Unicorn are you not? Where is your vessel? I did not see it in the harbor? And what of Captain El? Lord Manaen said he thought he saw the Unicorn come to the aid of the Honor? And why were you sailing so far behind? You wanted them to take the brunt of the Kraken’s Fury?!” Laighos had risen from his seat, looming over the tallest of you, golden light spilling from his eyes, menace from his mouth.

“Calmly Laighos.” You had not even noticed Lord Tolurin enter the cabin. “These young ones are not under your orders, nor was this expedition their idea. I am sure Captain El will be along shortly with the Unicorn, but for now I have a need to speak with these young officers.”

Laighos, a living legend to so many Ealiiri, a hero of the Kinslayer wars, visibly deflates before the measured admonition of Lord Tolurin, one of the very few Second Generation Ealiiri still active at all. “Yes of Course my lord. As you say. Perhaps we will speak later. You are dismissed.”

“Come my friends, let us discuss this marvelous new vessel of yours . . .”

The Ingratitude of Baruk-Tur
I Don't think I'll let you arrest us today . . .

The party returns to the city. They decide to leave, since this is definitely not their fight.
• Aodh attempts to gain an audience with Princess Arellia but is stonewalled by functionaries of Lord Ming
• further efforts on Aodh’s part eventually results in an order being issued for his arrest, and the impoundment of both of their ships “I don’t think I’ll let you arrest me today Behan”

– Vonvaka’s malevolence cows the soldiers into taking out their own officer. Aodh is not best pleased by the results but directs them to take him before Lord Ming… Who of course can’t be found but one of his minions, the sorcerer Lord? Attempts to dictate the terms of their surrender which ultimately results in him being turned into a manatee. The officers return to their vessels, having taken away the entirety of the treasures in the dragon’s lair beneath the palace and promising Eniki and his immediate family a place on the Phoenix and the rest of his extended family places on the unicorn. The Phoenix takes off and flies for Khalamdea. The unicorn to follow its best speed.
• The Phoenix arrives in Khalamdea, an enormous, sprawling, significantly ruined city, overshadowed by a great black pillar at least 2000 feet tall belching fire and smoke into the sky. Landing on the surface of Oceanus, they sailed beneath the great bridges and found a berth in the third harbor. They made arrangements with the local shipwright to begin work repairing the hammer ship and discovered that the Justice, Captained by Daeriah, a rival of theirs back in Atlantis, was also in port.
• Aodh, on his own makes nice with Daeriah, arranges for repairs on the Phoenix, destroys 2 nautiloids (with help from a great potentate) and drinks the night away with his new friend Kiriath, owner of the Blue Dragon.
• The party then heads to Karcian Saedur, the ancient school of wizardry that most believe to be haunted. Percy gains entry after Tharivul is tentacle-porned. They learn that the great tower is guarded by 16 iron golems and that they need to be accompanied by a full professor of the school to gain further entry. They met Essus, possibly the only living creature in the school, and also the Chief Academecian – the head of the library. Percy Grabbed some books and the party headed back to the ship.

Shuffling the Princesses

Rescuing the Princess Arellia

Aodh and Tharivul with help from Athena, rescued Princess Arellia. Initially abandoned by Vonvaka and Percy, Tharivul nevertheless alighted upon the roof of the safe house by himself. He was shocked to discover how easily his Druthgari saber cut through mortal flesh, leaving the three sentries dismembered. Tharivul’s attack was so sudden that the sentries had no time to raise the alarm. Tharivul then proceeded into the building sneaking about, avoiding other guards and discovering an argument between what appeared to be a masked human woman and masked Praeloryte Warlock. The human appeared to be giving the warlock orders. Tharivul attempted to sneak further downstairs but was scared off by a trio of large black hounds glowing red eyes and mouths. Their barking summoned the warlock and sentries.

Tharivul quickly hid himself above the arched doorway. After several sentries were burned to death by the hounds warlock went down to calm them. Tharivul quickly retired back to the roof where he was shortly joined by Aodh in the form of the great eagle, carrying Athena on his back. The Ealiir chose to assault the warlock and his mistress through the window into his chambers. Athena agreed to join the assault. Tharivul’s attack on the warlock was turned by his superior skill, though Aodh was able to seriously the warlock with Wave. They also discovered that the masked woman was merely a magical projection. The warlock’s counterattack savagely wounded Aodh but he drew upon his eldritch power to remain conscious. At the same time the Warlock unleashed bolts of eldritch energy towards Tharivul who had attempted to hide behind the bed, causing him some injury.

At this point Athena rushed into the room having smashed a guard through wall with her shield, she then cast her spear with exquisite form, piercing the warlock and impaling him and the stone wall. Tharivul and Aodh took a moment to recover, as Tharivul looted the room, then, after being healed by Athena, they continued to search for the Princess while the goddess interrogated her prisoner.

Downstairs, they cut the hell hounds to ribbons and met little resistance until they discovered the Princess held by a cult leader with a knife to her throat. Four thugs attempted to block their advance. The cult leader babbled in Ba’alic while Aodh chanted a spell, paralyzing the leader and staying his hand. Tharivul flew over the heads of the thugs, killing a few. The cult leader was quickly disarmed, and the Princess freed. When she was given the cult leader’s knife, she turned it on him to bloody effect.

One cult thug surrendered, and Aodh turned him into a draft horse to carry the chest of silver and copper, and box of gold that Tharivul had discovered. The horse was ordered to take the treasure to the palace and await them there or he would never return to his natural form.

Upstairs, Athena apprised them of the results of her interrogation, and some ancient Olympian history. They discovered that the prisoner was a Warlock of Praelis, the original praeloryte. The Warlocks of Praelis are high-level servants and enforcers for the Cult of Ouranos. His maser here in the city is a woman. He did not reveal a name. The cult of Ouranos is dedicated to releasing the primordial, Ouranos, Athena’s Grandfather from his prison the Vault of Heaven, which is the Isle of Atlas. Ouranos, seeking revenge against Kronos and the rest of the Titans for his castration, subjected himself to the will of the Malevolence became its avatar, the Destroyer. The Titans were hard pressed to defeat the Destroyer but finally succeeded and sealed it in the Boil, the remains of which are in the Stump, the great plateau to the south. They then sheared off the top of the Boil and transported it to the embrace of Oceanus. Euenor, a son of Gaia, was named king and high guardian of the island. Later, Poseidon fathered 10 kings of Atlantis with Kleito, Euenor’s daughter. These were the Cyclopean Fomors, Atlas and his brothers.

Getting Arellia Elected

After their little history lesson, Tharivul and Aodh, escorted Princess Arellia back to the palace. There, they discovered that deliberations were already underway to establish a new Regency Council for Princess Laria. Aodh and Tharivul were nonplussed to discover that the vizier had not arrested Princess Laria they directed. But, as the vizier explained again, he was devoid of authority to act without an order from the viceroy or a properly designated Regent, which he did not have.

In any event, Princess Arellia’s return disrupted the proceedings. After some wheeling and dealing Aodh and Tharivul arranged for the Lord Ming to the Chancellor’s position and for Lord Thoth to choose the successor to Lord Obdurim. With further support from the Halamyrian, Gwaerohg and Taniel exercising Xarot’s Vote, Lord Kolriar’s faction could not stop the appointment.

As Lord Ming, the Vizier and the rest of the Sorcerer Lords began the ritual ceremony, dozens of imps rushed through the door and were set upon by scores that had been waiting invisibly in the rafters above. During the commotion Tharivul noticed that Princess Laria was missing. Aodh and Tharivul searched frantically for the missing Princess, even calling upon Aodh’s mentor. Eventually they discovered that she had stepped out an open window feather falling to the ground below and reentered the palace, apparently heading down the passage to the kriodaimone vault. They pursued, along with Athena for one last jaunt.

Pursuing Princess Laria

They pursued the Princess as quickly as they could, but the tightly turning spiral staircase prevented them from gaining significant ground. Eventually they came out into the vault with the four kriodaimones still locked in their frozen prisons. Ahead from the Dragon’s cave they heard ominous crunching noises. Apparently, Princess Laria’s co-conspirators forgot to mention the fact that a Dragon laired below. The Ealiir shortly resolved to end the beast. Aodh immediately tried to bond with the great cystal in the chamber. Tharivul launched a pair of blasts from his moon Lance into the Dragon’s face then took cover in the vault. The Beast lashed out at Aodh was savagely wounded by Athena then finished by two blows from Wave that it was impotent to overcome.

Aodh took the remains of the princess upstairs to her sister and called upon the powers of nature to reincarnate her as a half-elven woman. Athena informed them that she needed to take her leave, as her father was already likely to be very unhappy. She asked them to keep a lookout for more actions by the cultists and also her missing cousin Prometheus. Finally she left them with a gift to communicate their findings with her, a bronze figurine of an owl.

Speaking with the Halamyrian

Percy’s Investigations into Lord Kolriar

Your Voice is Ambrosia
or How Vonvaka gained a Griffin

Synopsis of stomping arch mages and rescue/capturing princesses after killing Sith Lords:

Politicking was avoided – or perhaps pursued by other means…

The proposed Chancellor was crushed to death – the proposed regent was rescued/captured and left with the Vizier. The party is on the way to try to rescue the elder princess. It is unclear whether there will be any vote at all tonight.

The party first communed with Aodh’s ancient Ealiiri mentor, summoning the tree-bound Founder through his Staff of the Woodlands. She told them that, contrary to what they had originally been told, Princess Arellia was not a captive of the Ba’al. She also discerned, evidently by scent, that Aodh and his companions had partaken of the Golden Apples that her cousin long ago cultivated. Evidently the apples come from the world tree, the closest shoot of which is somewhere “in the ice to the north east of here.”

The party next chose to accept the invitation from “the Lady.” Upon arrival they discovered that the Lady was tall (for a human), regal and elegant. In fact, she seemed taller than anyone in the room, though in truth she was barely over 6 feet, reminding them of their friend Donar. She wore flowing white garments over light golden plate. A heavy apis and long spear rested in the corner. She turned to regard them with her calm, measured gaze, the owl on her shoulder doing likewise. “So, you are my uncle’s foreign tenants from the Isle of Atlas. I am wondering why you are here?”

Aodh explained that they were sent from their island search for new lands…Vonvaka explained that they were there for revenge, and showed her the disembodied head of Sevehn. She remarked that this head was of a different character than those she’d seen before, not only because it was still alive. She then pulled out three other masks similar to the one on Sevehn.

The Ealiir, particularly Vonvaka, began sniffing out a substance similar to the Golden Apples and attempted to partake, but the Lady, whom they deduced was Athena, was not sharing with such obvious addicts. Yet, Athena was willing to attempt to scry the location of the missing princess, if they brought her something of personal significance. They then proceeded to rifle through the young lady’s underwear drawer.

In doing so, they found a secret passage that led to the viceroys tower. Tharivul snuck in and eavesdropped on Princess Laria and Lord Obdurim. Percy and everyone but Tharivul was seriously interested in mayhem, death and destruction. So they went to Athena to butter her up and also to get some ambrosia and nectar. Which they devoured.

Amped up on the food of the gods, they leapt into the fray. Tharivul was nearly shredded by the masked blade master at the top of the stairs, the whole time shrieking “This is impossible! I’m invisible!” Apparently having never been told that there are countermeasures to invisibility.

As Tharivul’s blood was sent flying from his invisible, incredulous self, Vonvaka dashed forward and fed him ambrosia, like a little chick, healing his wounds and suffusing him of an apparent understanding of the universe. The supreme skill of the blade master threatened them, but after a cast of Wave, a powerful duel between Blackrazor and the foe’s soul-screaming ember blade, and profligate expenditure of power, the potentates finally won through.

Though Aodh’s scheme to feed his summoned pixies ambrosia from the pickings of his teeth lead to five of them exploding in ecstasy, ultimately his potency overwhelmed Lord Obdurim, reducing him do a crawling insect which, oh so soon, met Aodh’s boot. In the aftermath, as reality righted itself, Obdurim returned to human form as a pulverized sack of meat with a boot-shaped hole through its middle.

Upstairs Tharivul tripped the princess as she attempted to mount her trained griffin, instead falling headfirst from the tower. Tharivul the Winged leapt after her and rescue-captured her moments before she joined her putative chancellor as a meat sack. Vonvaka expended copious Power to subdue the griffin as his very own.

Back downstairs, Tharivul then attempted to retrieve the soul-screaming ember blade from the corpse of the warlock. The malignance of the blade attempted to overpower his mind, but he was able to fight off the assault and drop the blade.

Tharivul, Percy and Vonvaka, On his new Griffin, then proceeded north to the address that princess Laria provided as the last known location of her sister.

Sorcerer Lord Vacancy
It dawns on Percy, as he is being carried through the sky by Tharivul, that with the death of Lord Obdurim, there is a vacancy amongst the sorcerer lords. Traditionally that vacancy is filled by the Sorcerer who killed the incumbent. Technically the new Sorcerer Lord must be approved by the Viceroy, but in historical practice it almost always has been rubber-stamped. Of course only the four of you know who killed Lord Obdurim.

Exposition from Athena
Meanwhile, Aodh dragged the shattered, severed remains of the masked foe through the hallway to Athena’s chambers. Behind him, servants silently cursed lamented the streak of gore that painted the path from the tower to Athena’s rooms. While the severed head of Sevehn spluttered and cursed, in what seemed like shock, Athena unmasked the corpse. The mask had concealed a grey skinned praeloryte with yet another profane graft replacing his left eye with something resembling a cat’s. “Well, this is a new one.” Aphena shook her head “and this one expended any Power it still possessed. I don’t know how much I will be able to glean from it but I will try.” Aodh also went to retrieve the sword taking precautions not to touch directly and returned it to Athena. Upon some examination she explained that the sword was forged of blood steel and alloy of iron ingots made from the congealed agony and blood of tortured victims. “This is the most powerful example of this weaponry I have seen. It seems clear that this organization, the Cult of Ouranos, is more powerful and more widespread than my father let on.” Her face hard and so she looks back to the East “I wish I new more of their organization and plans. I think they may need to be exterminated.”

Description of the safe house/prison
The building at the address Princess Laria gave you is about 40 feet tall, flat topped and made of stone. It appears to be an old cyclopean structure. You cannot tell from above whether or not it has been converted for use by humans. There are two centuries on the roof both looking to the south west towards the section of the city that was destroyed by the rampaging sentinels. It is now full dark And they appear to have no idea that you lurk in the skies above them.


200 each from ambrosia and nectar
241 each from killing ‘darth revan’

XP: 8050 each


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