Race: Ealiir

Ealiir are the People of Elir, the First Leader of the race. They are a tall magically adept people who are believed to be immortal. Ealiir can live for more than 10 millennia before suffering risk of the Fugue. They tend to have pale skin, with black, silver or gold hair and gray, green or blue eyes. They stand from 6’ to 7’6" in height. Though their figures tend to be slender, they are also quite strong and physically dense, the slightest of them weighing over 200 pounds, and the largest weighing is much as 500.
Ealiir are a largely passionless race. They tend to be quite reserved, even serene. Very little, even open disputes, heats their blood. One notable exception is the death of a loved one or close friend, particularly a violent death. This has been known to send Ealiir into a screaming rage, literally causing their blood to boil. In such a circumstance the latent power of the Ealiir explodes causing severe damage to all those around them, most likely killing the raging Ealiir.

Being immortal, Ealiir take a long, slow view of things. They expect to their children to live for many millennia. The death of an Ealiir is a cause for great sorrow, and they take great pains to avoid the possibility. The death of an Ealiir at the hands of another is abhorrent to them. There is no greater crime. a Kin-Slayer will be branded and exiled forever. Such occured to the followers of Druthgar.

Abilities: +2 to ALL
Age: about to turn 100 years old (thought to be immortal)
Size: Medium, 6 to 7’6" feet tall.
Speed: 35’
Languages: Common (Atlantean) and one of: Sylvan, Meropian or Fomor.
Iron Allergy: take +5 damage from iron/steel weapons, suffer disadvantage if in substantial contact.
Equipment: Ghothan valet

Sub-Race: New Blood/5th Generation

The fifth generation is markedly different from their forebears. They tend to be a bit more eager and excitable. Though they are still young, this is a disturbing quality in the eyes of their elders. Physically, the fifth generation is substantially different. They tend to be somewhat shorter, rarely exceeding 7’ in height. They are also less strong and physically dense, weighing as little as 150 pounds and no more than 300. Their hair tends to be black or a coppery brown or red. Their eyes sometimes contain coppery flecks and, rarely may be amber in color. Most significant is the blood. Unlike the cool metallic blue of their forebears, their blood is a darker, purple-ish color.

Abilities: +2 to any 2 of Str, Dex, Con, Cha (Max score is 22 for these 4 stats)
Eager: +3 on initiative
Keen Senses: proficiency on Perception
Fey Ancestry: as elf in PHB
Cantrip: 1 wizard cantrip
Weapon Proficiency: longsword, short sword, long spear and 1 of: Khessian Blades, Sabers, OR Energy Lances


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