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The Temple Logs:
out in the rain
Ambushed by Goblins!
death to Zuggtmoy
The Dream
The Destruction of the Temple of Elemental Evil

For this SECOND visit to the infamous Temple of Elemental Evil, I am planning another marathon session foray by the same party of pregenerated characters. I am using the first edition mega-module for this event. As you will see from your pregenerated characters each of you has some specific goals, and, given the size and scope of the Temple, a regular room-by-room door kicking of the place is likely inadvisable. In fact that is almost always inadvisable.

This time around we are using the most recent 5e play test rules. Characters have been recreated to reflect this. Monsters will generally be using the same mechanics (some monsters are not in the bestiary yet). Wherever possible the module is, mostly, unchanged.

No character starts lower than sixth level. Even so, the temple is historically very dangerous. I believe that the 5e rules, particularly the ability of monsters to swarm to gain advantage will be a significant danger to PC’s. No one has less than 30 HP. the two characetrs who are in the 30’s are clearly the most fragile. some have good armor and good to excellent HP. I point this out because none of you have experience with these particular build of these characters. Also remember please that first edition was the edition of ‘save or die.’

I have also added a few special attacks, some types of at will spell powers and defenses similar to certain fourth edition powers for flavor. Shields for instance do not add to your armor class – they represent at-will interrupt defenses (Reactions). They will increase armor class to specific attacks. In addition each character’s armor will provide a certain amount of damage reduction. this DR will not be used by rank and file badguys, but could be used by lieutenants and bosses.

I will also be using ‘edge’ again. In the most basic usage edge can be spent to modify a die roll by five, either up or down. Edge has no upper limit and can be gained throughout the adventure by coming up with cool ideas, performing well in combat, defeating boss type monsters and just generally doing cool shit that I like.

Another note, there are NPC’s who may be of use to the party during this adventure, and the adventure itself was designed under first edition rules which presumed that players bring with them hirelings and henchmen. There are quite a few of these available throughout the adventure. Some rather lame, some actually quite cool, and they do make a ready supply of backup characters in the case of attrition.

I think it should be a good time and I’m pretty excited about.

The Temple

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