Yiki Half-Moon

Half orc barbarian

Yiki is a powerfully built half-orc. Roughly cropped, black hair crowns a fearsome visage, the tusks from the half-orc protruding much farther than most of his kind—farther, in fact, than many orcs—adding to his intimidating presence. Tribal tattoos dance up and down his body, including a particularly old tattoo that snakes up his neck and disappears into the black beard that marks him as half human.

Socially, the half-orc is quite reserved, a trait that leads some to believe him to be dim-witted like so many of his kind. However, those that hear him speak or see him in battle know him to be fiercely intelligent, not only relying on his strength and courage, but also on a keen sense of tactics and a situational awareness uncommon in orcs and half-orcs.

Yiki speaks little of his past, though his accent places him as from the northeast, perhaps descended from the barbarians who passed through these lands so long ago. He is most recently from Zobeck, however, where he worked as a body guard and bounty hunter for a Madame Antoinita, a merchant of women of some note in the city. He seems to have left her service to join the petite exodus into unknown lands.

In the tomb of the Blood Demon, Yiki drew an obsidian greataxe from a basin of Kyuss worms. He named the greataxe “Wormfeeder.”

Yiki Half-Moon

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