Alternate Earth Campaign

Home Fires are Burning!

Doom of Atlantis S2 E1


Fire. Fire ahead of you in the grim dusk. At the edge of triumph you find a new peril threatening your home. Your ‘meaty’ burden of many long days lies forgotten on the sledges behind you. Peering through the moonlit twilight, beyond the Memory Tree, you see fires burning inside the palisade surrounding your village. Those are your huts burning.

There! Only a hundred yards past the Grove of Memory you see movement. The full moon reveals villagers scrambling towards Old Vulkath, the Grandfather Oak. They are pursued by three or four hands of beastmen and several towering brutes that make even the beastmen look small. The pursuit is led by a dark shrouded figure wielding a metal great-knife, like the one that Firstborn now carries. That hunter strikes down villagers with ease, cutting at their ankles then moving on unhindered. Adults cry out as they fall, dropping their precious burdens. Children, wide eyed in terror wail as their guardians urge them to flee on their own.

Beastmen rush forward to snatch up the victims, roughly binding them. Then one of the great brutes stoops over to pluck up an infant and drop it down its gullet. The brute lurches to the side, collapsing in a heap as a javelin sized arrow punches into its skull. The dark figure rushed back towards its own followers bellowing with rage. For the moment the pursuit is broken. Some of the beastmen and one of the brutes flee the hunter’s rage stumbling right towards you! The rest seem cowed for the moment as the remaining villagers continue their flight towards Grandfather Oak.



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